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Patreon Beginner

So I’m playing around with trying for community support, so I created a Patreon with details of the idea I’m going to create throughout the year.

I’m not going to ask for money until I have games to show for it, not that I’m going to stop you donating, but I’m curious as to peoples view on such things.

The Patreon can be found here.


I’m currently doing a walkabout.


No don’t worry this isn’t the blog equivalent of a Dear John letter, nor am I about to Rage quit due to the lack of suitable comment’s (though more comment’s would be nice…). No it’s my name for something that I need to do every now and again. Basically I’ve stopped paying attention to all the site I tend to follow, deleting them off my system to resist temptation. And without me feeling the need to spend all my time checking all those sites I find myself with more time do other things. And lucky for all you lot one of those thing is to start writing games again.
And whilst I’ve been pottering around with several ideas, I’ve not forgotton about Hooker Street, I’ve spent a productive weekend writing and reorganizing thing for Fallin’ for Paradise. I’m putting everything in place for the second part of the game, refining the note I already had for the game. It’s also going to be a rather more racy game than I normally write, though I wouldn’t get your hope up my erotica is a little on the weakside. I thought you’d like a taster of what I’ve done so far, so here the same section as before, but with extra content added Fallin’ for Paradise 0.3.
With the game being a little on the risque side I’ve added the Adult warning, though everything else will remain much the same.

Hopefully more soon.

If Paradise…

Well autumn is upon us, or fall if you prefer, and as expected my creativity has returned. And as promised new material! But there is one tiny problem, it well maybe this will provide a clue…

Yup it’s a totally new game! For a change I can even point to what inspired me Beach Angels over on TF Games. Now don’t get me wrong it’s a fine game but it just doesn’t have enough plot or story for me, so I decided to create a game based on the Holiday theme that does. I think it’s a sign of a writer of any type that when they see something they think they could do differently, not necessarily better, they go out there and do it.

So just for my little blog followers here’s the start of the game that includes the entire transformation sequence and most of the necessary description around all the items and locations. I even have the whole game plotted out, all those decision you make will have an effect on the second part of the game. But for now I’m putting the game to one side, why you ask? Well because I promised I’d work on finishing Tiresias, twisted logic I know but that’s just how me little brain works.

I’d love any comments and feedback on Fallin’, the plan is to post it up on TF in week or two, once I work out any bugs or typos.