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The M word!

So who knew it but owning a site costs money! Unfortunately my circumstances aren’t as flush as they were and hence at some point I”m going to have to look into if this is something worth continuing.

Don’t worry though we’re paid up till the start of next year and they’ll still be plenty of places to find my games and random thoughts 😀 . Though if you want to show support I’d gently nudge you towards my Patreon based tip jar!

Can do better

It’s a common thing but I have read something today that has left me disappointed. Something with so much potential just ended like that, as if the writer got bored with the whole thing and just ended.

Which is blegh!

So I’m considering something impossible creating something new! Early days so don’t get any hopes up just yet.

Still got it?

I’ve been busy doing other things and generally keeping busy but occasionally I think about this blog and I think “Am I still relvant?”

I mean Twine is king and RAGS is on the decline, and Twine isn’t my style, and I’ve not really done anything for I don’t know a year?

But then when I look I’m still getting 50-60 links a day and even if most of them are peek and run that can’t be a bad thing right?

As usual no promises but I might start thinking about getting a few idea’s started, though nothing to complex to start, in the next couple of months.

Twine has come?

I know one extreme or the other, what can I say I’m on a roll :).

Looking at the stuff coming out of TFGames it seems that the tide had turned and the more graphic intensive RAGS has given way to Twine. And in some way’s I can’t blame people to do a good RAGS game take a lot of effort to do well, whilst writing a CYOA is a lot easier and takes less effort outside the writing. They also share a lot of the same problems with every other games in that it still takes a lot of time and effort to do a good game.

Personally I like the slightly more complex style RAGS offers but I’m not oppossed to Twinw, in fact I might try to create one of my own some day.

So what do people think? What do people like or dislike about the various systems. And oh I’ve created a poll so people can pick there favorites.