Still got it?

I’ve been busy doing other things and generally keeping busy but occasionally I think about this blog and I think “Am I still relvant?”

I mean Twine is king and RAGS is on the decline, and Twine isn’t my style, and I’ve not really done anything for I don’t know a year?

But then when I look I’m still getting 50-60 links a day and even if most of them are peek and run that can’t be a bad thing right?

As usual no promises but I might start thinking about getting a few idea’s started, though nothing to complex to start, in the next couple of months.

5 thoughts on “Still got it?

  1. Twine may be easy to write for, but RAGS is much nicer to play.
    I think the only reason Twine has become so popular is that new games have been coming out in it. If games come out, or get finished, for RAGS, they will be played eagerly, as well.
    I would love some Nandi-goodness. Keep at it, please!

  2. I also much prefer RAGS. Heck I don’t even really look at Twine games. Mostly I would just want you to enjoy what you are doing. If that no longer means making games then maybe you need to move on.

    Now I personally really hope that you continue because I really enjoy your work but it isn’t your job to entertain me.

  3. Twine has likely become popular due to the ease at which a person can churn out content for it compared to RAGS.

    That doesn’t necessarily make it a “better” program, just easier to get into.

    Also, the types of stories that Twine is good for aren’t the same as the type that RAGS is good for. Inventory management for instance, while possible in Twine apparently requires a fair bit of work more than the same thing in RAGS.

    RAGS comes across as a text-based adventure game style program to me, while Twine is a choose-your-own-adventure style program.

    If you want to make something in RAGS, go ahead, no one will bemoan that you aren’t using Twine (or at least they shouldn’t) and people will almost certainly enjoy it.

  4. I certainly wouldn’t say that Twine as a system is ‘winning’ over RAGS- There have been some good, well coded, well written games done in the last year or so. Those people chose to create in Twine, others chose RAGS and do damned fine work. Some people still make ADRIFT or glorb or whatever games, make them well, and have their fans.
    Can’t code, couldn’t tell you pros/cons for either for novice or expert, they just exist and are used.

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