Time to start again!

No really it’s me!

Time might be good for me to start creating something again, though obviously no promises, for now I want to start fresh with a completely new idea.

So a simple question what do people want from me?

One thought on “Time to start again!

  1. Tbh, anything that’s more than a teaser would be great 😉

    That said, in terms of general game design I would suggest aiming for a more concise game in the vein of Clockwork Girl or Haunted House Sleepover, which I really like. As for themes, I love everything TG, though I’m not a fan of more severe mental changes (I prefer seduction into femininity to MC). Ultimately it’s up to you and what inspires you, of course.

    Here’s hoping you can keep that creative spark alive. I believe in you!

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